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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 34


Chapter 34 

The soft voice made Chloe’s heart flutter a little 

She never thought that someone could call her name so gently. For the first time, she genuinely acknowledged that her name sounded really nice, just like her mom had 

once said 


It really did sound nice now 

Chloe sat quietly, letting him hold her hand and call her name

She completely forgot that she had only agreed to let him pursue her, not to let things progress so quickly 

Ill be pretty busy in the next few days, so make sure you rest well. Til give you a call 

He held her hand tightly, his tone full of reluctance 

Alright, Chloe whispered, sounding very submissive

Damon smiled, his eyes deep and captivating 

Chloe wanted to pull her hand away. She had said everything she needed to say, and it was time for her to get out of the car 

But Damon didn’t let go of her hand Instead, he lightened his grip even more

Clear your schedule for next Friday” 

Why? Is there something going on?” 

Damon hesitated for a moment before nodding

Yes But it’s not anything important.” 


Do you want to refuse me?” 

Damon stared at her, his eyes deep and bright

Chloe pursed her lips Where are we going?” 

Damon smiled slightly. Tll have Nate pick you up 


Chloe agreed, but Damon still didn’t let go of her hand

Chloe looked helplessly at their intertwined hands, feeling as if her hand was glued to his, unable to break free

It seems like it won’t be so easy to hold your hand next time.” 

Damon gave her the answer 

Did Damon learn mind reading or something

As a leader, Chloe always appreciated smart people. It would be even better if he were her employee 

But ever since meeting Damon, there had been many times when she started to question her own judgment

Sometimes being too smart wasnt a good thing 

She finally pulled her hand back, her face flushed with shyness

I need to get out of the car now” 

Damon let go of her hand and looked at her calmly 

Alright, go ahead. Be careful not to get wel 


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