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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 33

Chapter 33 

I want you!” 

Those simple but profound words echoed once again. His voice was soft, but it carried a strong and domineering tone, hitting her heart directly

Chloe’s heart skipped a beat. She withdrew her hand and sat up straight 

Staring at the increasingly heavy rain outside the car window, she used all her strength to calm her racing heart

The car interior was quiet, with rainwater gathering outside, streaming down the windows like a curtain, gradually blurring the view

After a while, Chloe spoke softly

You’re right, I should start over. Congrals, you’re the first man in my new life?” 

Damon frowned 

Change that. Not the first man, but the only one.” 

Chloe clenched her hands in front of her 

She thought for a moment, recalling his words from just moments ago, her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat again

Damon. I can’t trust you

She seemed to struggle with her words, as if forcing herself. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to trust him, but she didn’t want to face the same outcome again. She had once believed in Lance without any hesitation, and eight years had passed without any doubt on her part. But what happened

How could she trust a man she only met a few times? To gamble her life so easily

She couldn’t do it 

Escaping pain was human nature. If no one sheltered her from the storm, she’ll protect herself, even if it meant being a hedgehog 

However, Damon just glanced at her and calmly said

That’s my business 

Chloe looked up at him 

How to make you trust me is my business

He repeated it, then smiled slightly, his eyes filled with a faint light

If I could get you easily, then maybe my laste is indeed questionable Your indifference is more in line with my wishes.” 

Chloe was stunned for a moment, feeling that she needed to be on guard constantly when facing this man. She was really a bit overwhelm 

In the end, all she could do was helplessly touch her forehead, sighing softly

As long as you’re happy.” 

Waiting for your agreement is not easy” 

Damon’s voice was full of happiness, and the atmosphere in the car suddenly became lively

“I didn’t say I agree 

The cheerful atmosphere made Chloe feel like this man had finally succeeded in his proposal

I knowDamon smiled

Then why are you happy?” 

Didn’t you just agree to let me pursue you?” 


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