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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 7



Chloe stared at Lance, remained quiet for a moment, then suddenly started to chuckle under her breath. Her laughter was cold and full of sarcasm. But within her, it felt like she was being cut open with a knife. So her being assertive was the problem, huh? That was one hell of a way to put it 

Did being assertive automatically make her the villain, the bully

Lance’s harsh words felt like a sharp knife, stabbing her right in the heart


Lance looked at her quilt flooding his insides. He wanted to reach out, to comfort her, but Chloe stepped back 

Don’t touch me!” 

She yelled, swatting his hand away She slowly lifted her head, her eyes empty, a hint of a sarcastic smile tugging at her lips as she stared at him coldly

Apart from the coldness and sarcasm, there was pure despair and finality 

Just one look and Lance felt like his heart had been sucker punched 

Chloe Lance called her name again, but he didn’t know what to say

Chloe stared back at him coldly, Lance, remember, I’m the one dumping you! I hope you and Keira stay together forever! Don’t expect any sympathy from me, I don’t need it! Who uses a towel someone else has used?” 

Facing Chloe’s unprecedented tirade, Lance was stunned

The always elegant and composed woman actually spat out those words

But he understood her anger, No matter what. I’m sorry.” 

I heard youChloe replied coldly 

Lance looked up. I hope you could accept it.” 

Chloe said emotionlessly. “Why should I? You can say sorry, but I have the right not to forgive you! Get out!” 

Lance gave her a long look, knowing that any further words were pointless. He said Take careand left the room

It wasn’t until Lance was completely gone that Chloe weakly sat on the bed, her legs curled up, her empty eyes staring somewhere out the window

Cold and assertive

She was orginally gentle as the water, but the world was too cold, so she had to become as hard as ice, stronger

She could only protect herself, prevent herself from getting hurt and feeling sad. Only this way could she stop herself from crying, appearing weak, and seeming pitiful in front of others 

She thought she had gotten used to it over the years, but now she realized she wasn’t as strong as she thought

In a room alone, she could still feel pain and weakness

But she could only be this weak


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