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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 8


What on earth are you doing here?Chloe asked

Damon’s uniform hung on his arm. His shirt was pristine, luxurious, and adorned with two delicate silver cufflinks. It gave him a refined and suave appearance, and a certain kind of extraordinary vibe 

His eyes were fixed intently on Chloe’s face, which she quickly hid. His gaze held a hint of something hard to comprehend

After a while, he slowly began to speak, with a deep yet smooth voice

Usually, women cry at times like this.” 

Chloe looked surprised, but her bright eyes showed that she understood

He must have been following her, didn’t hear the whole conversation. But he was 

I’m sorry, I typically don’t eavesdrop on othersconversations.Damon said

Chloe didn’t seem to care 

ever, and

must have understood

Crying for a guy like that, not worth it. Besides, my tears, they aren’t worth a dime,” Chloe stated

Damon responded, You’re right about not wasting your emotions on someone not worth it. But I beg to differ on the latter part.” 

Chloe looked up at him, her eyes full of confusion

The value of tears, Damon stared at her and said calmly, “depends on who you’re crying in front of. Some might think it’s worthless, while others would consider them priceless.” 

Although his tone was gentle, the deep meaning behind his words shook Chloe, and she awkwardly looked away

Now,” Damon slowly folded his handkerchief, to answer your initial question.” 

He paused, continuing to watch her

You’re a smart woman, it shouldn’t be hard for you to figure out, my grandmother hopes I’d pursue you 

Chloe’s eyes flickered slightly, a hint of embarrassment finally showed on her face

I think. You might have kept her waiting too long. What she really wants is for you to have a lively, adorable child.” 

You’re indeed very smart.” 

Damon smiled, which made Chloe feel slightly relieved

But pursuing you is my personal decision. Not every woman is eligible to bear my child” 

Damon spoke again, although his tone was gentle, his aloof attitude made it hard for Chloe to keep her cool

She never thought such a cold yet cultured man would say something so arrogantly disrespectful

Is Mr. Harper always this straightforward when pursuing women?Chloe asked 


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