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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Meeting?

The Walker family had been working well with the Faust Group thus far, so Vincent had a hard time understanding why Alec suddenly wanted to put a halt to it.

“Yes,” said Alec, nodding as he tossed a document at Vincent. “We will be working with the Lawrence family in the future.”

The Lawrence family? Surprised, Vincent picked up the file. When he read it, he immediately understood what was going on. It seemed that Faye’s family had explicitly asked to take over this deal, so the Walker family was the victim of their request.

“About the people downstairs—”

“Send them away. I don’t have time to see them.”


It was getting dark, and the employees of the Faust Group had already left, yet Alec was still nowhere to be seen.

“Jenny, do you think Alec has decided to make my dad’s company go bankrupt?” asked Stephanie anxiously.

“We will find a way through this.”

Jenny was worried too, but she knew she had to be calm. Just then, she suddenly spotted Vincent exiting the elevator from the corner of her eyes. Immediately, she ran over to him.

“Mr. Duncan,” she shouted. Vincent had visited the hospital once, so she recognized him as Alec’s assistant.

Hearing her shout, Vincent turned to her and apologized before she could say anything, “Dr. Walter, you and Miss Walker should go home, Mr. Faust won’t see you.”

“Why?” Failing to understand, she continued, “Even if Stephanie offended him, don’t you think he should at least give her a chance to apologize?”

“It’s not because of Miss Walker,” Vincent answered.

“What’s the reason then?” she pressed, sensing that things were more complicated than she thought.

Vincent remained silent. As an assistant, he knew what was off-limits to reveal.

“I got it,” Jenny knew that Vincent would not tell her, so she changed the subject. “What about Alex’s upcoming schedule? Surely you can tell me about that, right?”

When he continued being silent, Jenny grew frustrated.

“Although Miss Lawrence has been discharged, there is no guarantee that her tumor will not relapse. Are you sure that Alec will not come begging me for help again one day?”

Helpless, Vincent knew that what Jenny said was true.

“Mr. Faust will leave the company in half an hour to meet his clients, and his meeting will probably end very late. You probably won’t have a chance to see him today.”

Feeling extremely anxious, Jenny asked with a frown, “Where is he going to meet his clients?”

If she waited there in advance, certainly she would run into Alec.

“Forget it, Dr. Walter,” said Vincent. Failing to bear the pressure, he whispered, “Even if you manage to find Mr. Faust, you can’t change anything. He has already made up his mind.”

Jenny was stunned. Was Alec determined to bring down the Walker family?

Stephanie had offended Alec because of her. Since everything had happened because of her, she had to find a way to solve it. However, Alec would not see her. In addition to that, according to Vincent, he would not let the Walker family off the hook.

After a moment of contemplation, Jenny made a decision.

Turning around and returning to Stephanie, ​​she said, “Let’s go back first. I have a solution.”

“Really?” Stephanie asked.


Soon, the two left the Faust Group. Jenny told Stephanie to go home and wait for her update while she called Warren, the housekeeper of the Old Mansion.

Since Alec refused to let the Walker family off the hook, she had no choice but to turn to Old Mr. Faust for help. By hook or crook, she had to protect the Walker family.


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