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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Inevitable

“He’s coming! He’s coming!” Jenny thought.

Jenny had already heard the increasingly proximate sound of footsteps coming from the door. She

became more and more anxious with every step. She just wanted to disappear. Trying to stay calm, she looked up again, ready to face Alec. However, only Warren was there in front of her.

Where was Alec?

Why didn’t he come? Was he standing behind?

Jenny stretched her neck to check behind Warren, but nobody was there.

“Where’s that fellow?” Old Mr. Faust’s face fell. When he noticed Warren was the only person who came, he already had a bad feeling.

“Mr. Alec said there was an emergency. He will come and see you later,” Warren couldn’t do anything either. Alec said he wanted to leave. He couldn’t possibly stop him.


Old Mr. Faust threw a fit. He smashed the ground with his walking stick. “What’s so important that he couldn’t stay for a meal? He’s deliberately trying to piss me off!”

“Mr. Faust…”

“Grandpa, don’t be mad. You need to be mindful of your health,” Jenny comforted him. Knowing that Alec had left, Jenny was relieved.

At the Lawrence’s. When Alec arrived, Faye’s parents were taking care of her in her room. They immediately left the room to give the two of them privacy when they saw him.

“Auntie called me and said you’re not feeling well. What’s wrong? Why didn’t you go to the hospital?” he asked.

“I’m fine. My mom was just making a fuss.” Faye felt a little embarrassed. She continued, “Sorry for making you come. My bad.”

“No worries. I promised your brother to take good care of you.” He stared at Faye. “Are you sure you’re okay? Why don’t we go visit the hospital?”

“I’m really okay. I know my own body.” Faye shook her head, feeling slightly guilty.

“If that’s the case, I’m going to head back to the Old Mansion now. My grandpa is still waiting for me to have dinner with him.” After he finished speaking, he prepared to make a move.


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