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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Going Against Him

Next to Gilbert stood a woman wearing a pearl-white gown. She looked exceptionally elegant with her long hair, scarlet-red lips, and perfect white teeth. Except for the exquisite bangle on her wrist, she wore no other accessories. But even so, just her standing there was enough to captivate the crowd.

Alec was no exception.

He was stunned by her beauty every time she appeared. Although he had already decided not to inquire about her, he couldn’t help but want to learn more about her.

“Mr. Hawthorn,” Mr. Nelson greeted him with the broadest grin on his face. However, he wondered,” What’s going on? How come all the big shots decided to show up today?”

Gilbert nodded in response, “Mr. Nelson, I hope we’re not intruding on your dinner?”

“Of course not!” Mr. Nelson shook his head. He couldn’t help but glance at Jenny, who was standing beside Gilbert.

“This woman is so pretty. I wonder what her relationship with Gilbert Hawthorn is. Maybe I could sign her as a model for BQ Magazine?” he thought.

Feeling Mr. Nelson’s direct gaze, Jenny didn’t back down. Instead, she looked at him and smiled. “Hi, Mr. Nelson.”

“Hello, hello!” Mr. Nelson nodded. He looked at Gilbert with a curious gaze. “Mr. Hawthorn, this is your…?”

Gilbert lowered his head slightly to look at Jenny with an affectionate look in his eyes. He answered quickly, “My little sister.”

“Oh, I see,” Mr. Nelson was shocked. He suddenly remembered Alec’s little sister just now. What a world of difference it was between the two.


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