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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Whoever Pays Is a Fool

Faye noticed the subtle change in Alec’s mood and started to feel very anxious.

Jenny ignored Alec and Faye. She whispered to Gilbert, “I wonder when they’re going to auction off the goods I sponsored.”

She was pretty curious about what the bids would be.

“It’s still early. Mr. Birkett hasn’t released any new work on the market for so many years. Your painting is going to be the finale,” Gilbert replied.

Afterward, he shook his head helplessly and said, “Are you sure it’s not going to be a problem giving away Mr. Birkett’s painting just like that?”

“He’s my mentor. Surely he won’t beat me up for this?” Jenny pouted. “Besides, he already gave me that painting. Of course I have the authority to deal with it.

“That’s true. You’re his mentee. I don’t think he will blame you for it.”

“Why, of course. Mr. Birkett adores me.”

The two of them spoke softly, so Alec couldn’t hear what they were saying. He could only tell that they were enjoying the conversation. Inevitably, he found it annoying.

“Brother? Ha,” he thought.

As a man himself, he could tell from Gilbert’s eyes that he had feelings for Jenny. He wouldn’t believe it if Gilbert said he only had pure intentions.

Soon, the auction began. The hall went quiet.

The first auction item was a diamond necklace sponsored by some trust fund baby. When the emcee announced his name, he stood up and waved at the crowd. Gilbert asked Jenny if she was interested. Jenny shook her head. She had never fancied diamonds that much.

She didn’t like it, but Faye, on the other hand, was obsessed. Her eyes lit up when she saw the large diamond.

“You like it?” Alec asked.

“Yup.” Faye nodded. “I’m just admiring it.”

That sounded a little too fake. If she was really just admiring it, why did she have to tell Alec that she liked it? Alec made a bid. Unsurprisingly, he got the diamond. He didn’t even look at it and just handed it to Faye. This caused the people to doubt their genuine relationship

Was she indeed just his little sister? They found it hard to believe.

The auction carried on. The following few auction items did not pique Jenny’s interest either She was starting to get bored.

“The next item is a pair of emerald earrings. We’re going to start at five million dollars”


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