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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Do You Think We’re Fools?

“Mr. Birkett’s painting? It can’t be!”

Someone snapped, “Everyone knows that Mr. Birkett stopped auctioning off his artwork long ago. This can’t be his painting.”

“That’s right. Auctioning off a fake painting? Do you think we’re fools?”

Everyone who attended the auction today were all established figures. BQ Magazine couldn’t afford for them to get mad. Panicked, Mr. Nelson said hurriedly, “This painting by Mr. Birkett was sponsored by an anonymous person. That person has guaranteed that this is an authentic painting.”

“Just because that person says it is authentic doesn’t mean it is. Who’s going to believe it?” Someone refuted right away before they continued, “Who’s this anonymous person? Come out if you dare. Prove that this is an authentic painting.”

The attendees of this dinner sponsored all the auction goods tonight, so the anonymous person must be present. Were they auctioning off a fake painting using Mr. Birkett’s name? They wanted to see who this shameless person was. Gilbert frowned, looking upset. How dare they accuse Jenny’s painting of being fake?

He was about to get up when Jenny, who was beside him, got ahead of him.

“I was the one who sponsored the painting.”

Everyone else heard her voice and turned to look at her one by one. It was her! It was Gilbert’s sister and also the woman who infuriated Alec.

“This painting is indeed Mr. Birkett’s painting. It’s not a fake like everyone claims it is,” she said calmly without any signs of panic.

“What proof do you have? The whereabouts of all the paintings that Mr. Birkett auctioned off are clear. This painting,” that person contemplated for a moment before saying, “This painting of yours has never appeared before. Could it be Mr. Birkett’s new work?”


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