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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 24

Chapter 24 We’re Not That Close


“It’s okay, Gilbert. I don’t like it that much anyway,” Jenny said smilingly. After all, it wasn’t essential to her.

Since Gilbert didn’t make another bid, the goods belonged to Alec now. The crowd couldn’t help but sigh and be envious. Faye was also pretty worked up. She didn’t expect Alec to bid for such an expensive item for her. She was nervous yet excited at the same time. However, the earrings didn’t arrive in front of her

She watched as Alec paid without hesitation. Later, he whispered something to the attendant. After that, the attendant walked up to Jenny and said to her, “Hi, miss. Mr. Faust wants to give this pair of earrings to you as a gift.”


Everybody else was astonished. A 60-million-dollar item as a gift? What was Alec’s relationship with this woman? Wait, Wasn’t she Gilbert’s sister? How did she get involved with Alec? Why did Alec choose to give it to Gilbert’s sister and not his own sister? The crowd was confused. The only conclusion they could come up with was that it was chaotic in the world of high society.

Jenny didn’t reach out to accept it, nor did she look a tiny bit happy about it. She frowned and looked at Alec as if to ask him what the meaning of this was.

“It’s just a small gift. You’ve saved Faye. Her life is worth more than this thing.” What he meant was very obvious. He bought this gift to say thanks for saving Faye’s life.

As he was saying this, he didn’t turn to look at Faye at all, so naturally, he didn’t see her pale face.

“You’re giving it such an expensive gift because she saved me? Alec, is that it?” Faye thought.

She suddenly felt like she couldn’t figure out this man in front of her. Out of nowhere, she felt a sense of insecurity.

“There’s no need. I’ve already got my payment for it,” she declined without hesitation.

Alec’s expression immediately turned ugly. “Must you piss me off in order to feel satisfied?” This wasn’t the first time he got rejected by Jenny.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Jenny looked at him with a cold gaze. “We’re not that close anyway. I ask that you don’t do things that will make others misunderstand.”


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