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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Can We Be Friends?

After the auction ended, it was time to socialize. Quite a few people were eager to approach Jenny. After all, she was not only Gilbert Hawthorn’s sister, but also Mr. Birkett’s mentee. If they could be together with her, wouldn’t it be easy for them to have a meteoric rise in their career?

Jenny didn’t know what these people were plotting. She was busy sulking. Ever since she knew Alec got the painting, she had been upset. Although it was for charity, and it shouldn’t matter who it was sold to, she still felt disgusted knowing it was sold to Alec.

“Does that guy even understand art? Don’t tell me he bought it for Faye again?” she thought.

For a moment, she regretted choosing this painting. She should have chosen another one. She went to hide in a corner with her drink in her hand. She smiled a little while watching Gilbert interact with the crowd with ease from a distance. Gilbert was starting to behave more and more like a high flyer.

She was deep in thought until someone came up to her. “Hi, miss. I’m Steven Dickman. Can we be friends?”

Jenny raised her head to look at him. She frowned a little. He was a slightly fat man, and Jenny found him repulsive. Especially those eyes that stared right at her, which made her highly uncomfortable. She stood up and responded directly, “Sorry, I don’t like making friends.”

After saying that, she was prepared to leave. She didn’t want to continue talking to him. However, Steven didn’t intend to let her go just like that. He immediately blocked Jenny’s way.

“Miss Hawthorn, Parrington is a huge place. Gilbert won’t be able to protect you all the time. You might want to think before you speak.”

While he was speaking, Jenny noticed a few more people had surrounded her. It was apparent that this fattie had come prepared. Jenny put down the glass in her hand and scanned the place. Gilbert was nowhere to be seen. Someone must have used an excuse to bring him somewhere else. She wasn’t worried about Gilbert’s safety. With his current status, nobody would dare to touch him.

Looking at Steven, she did not panic at all. Instead, she kindly reminded him, “Mr. Dickman, I don’t wish to be violent today. Please ask your men to fuck off. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being nice.”


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