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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Thwarted

“So what if I am? Do you think I’m afraid of you?” There was a sudden shift in Max’s aura. It was as if he had turned into Asura, which made her shudder.

Jenny turned to look at him. This man was…pretty intriguing. He appeared frivolous, but once he became serious, it was as if he had turned into another person. Just when the two men were deadlocked, Alec and Paul came down from the second floor. When they saw Max appear, the two of them were startled. “Yo, we’re late. He’s one step ahead of you,” Paul gloated, purposely teasing Alec.

Alec scowled, “You think Max Pearson would actually be so kind?”

“That’s true. He’s probably plotting something evil,” Paul nodded and continued. “Too bad Dr. Walter doesn’t know that. Who knows, she might get deceived.”

Alec didn’t say a word, nor did he go over there. He just observed from a distance.


Faye walked over to Alec as soon as she saw him. Without Alec around, she seemed out of place at this dinner. Alec answered briefly, but he didn’t acknowledge her presence. Instead, he continued to observe Jenny’s situation.

“Max Pearson!”

Realizing that Max was really butting heads with him, Steven was furious. He asked, “Don’t tell me you’re interested in her too?”

Max kept quiet. After a while, he answered in annoyance, “Hurry up and fight me. Stop wasting my time.” “You!” Steven was hitting the roof.

But Max was not afraid of him. He just stared at him indifferently. Steven was about to ask his men to attack when an old man appeared in time and stopped him. He whispered in his ear, “Sir, it’s not worth it to offend the Pearson family.”

“But…” He couldn’t turn the other cheek.

“There will be plenty of opportunities in the future,” the old man spoke again but in a firm tone.

Steven’s face was livid with rage. His eyes darted back and forth between Jenny and Max. After a while, he finally said, “Consider yourselves lucky. I’ll let you guys off the hook today.”


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