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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Killed His Father?

Jenny and Max were enjoying their conversation. She discovered that he was pretty interesting. At least he wasn’t repulsive. As the dinner had come to an end, Jenny followed Gilbert and left together. Before they left, Max said reluctantly to her, “Goodbye, Dr. Walter.”

“Okay, goodbye.” Jenny waved at him before she got in the car and left.

Max finally wiped the smile off his face when the car vanished in the darkness. He reached up to massage his face to relieve the numbness in his cheeks. He turned around just to see Alec standing behind him.

“Alec Faust. Are you trying to scare this late at night?” he said unhappily as he took a few steps back. After all, he couldn’t beat this guy. Alec stared at him with a dark expression.

“Don’t involve unrelated people in our business.”

Max laughed. He rubbed his ears and asked in disbelief, “What did you say? I must have misheard. You actually care about a woman?”

“Max, just because I didn’t bother about childish actions in the past doesn’t mean I won’t take action against you,” Alex said in a deep voice. For years, Max had been giving him trouble. Alec didn’t bother. After all, he was also one of the victims of that incident back then.

However, there was a limit to his patience.

Max’s expression turned ugly upon hearing Alec’s words, “So, you’re saying that I’ve only been getting away with it all these years because you didn’t bother to do anything?”

“Duh. What did you think?” He looked at Max like he was mentally-retarded.

He successfully triggered Max. Max pointed at Alec as he said, “Alec, stop acting like you’re so mature. Do you really think you’re all that? If you’re really such a tough guy, kill me then.”

“Otherwise, I’m going to kill you and your entire family sooner or later!”

After he finished speaking, Alec finally replied calmly with a look of disdain, “Is that so? I only fear that you don’t have that capability.”

“You just wait and see!”

Max turned around in anger. He had only taken two steps forward before he turned around again and said. to Alec, “By the way, you’re interested in Dr. Walter, aren’t you?”

“No,” Alec answered.

“No?” Max sneered. “Really? Well, I plan to go after her and make her my girlfriend. What do you think?”


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