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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 4

Chapter 4 What Do You Want

“I’m Alec Faust, the president of Faust Group. If I vouch for her, is that enough for you?” he asked, looking at the patient’s wife.

Alec from Faust Group was here! There was a mixture of panic, curiosity, and disbelief on everyone’s faces. While they may not know Jenny, they all knew who Alec was.

Staring at Alec, who often appeared on TV, the patient’s wife finally nodded. With such an influential person vouching for Jenny, she figured that Jenny must be a skilled doctor.

As they wheeled the patient into the operating theater, Jenny gave Alec a nod before heading inside. Although she was curious why he suddenly showed up to vouch for her, she didn’t have time to ask any questions. After all, saving her patient’s life was the focus.

As the lights in the operating room turned on, a group of people huddled at the door to wait, with Alec among them.

Three hours later, the lights in the operating theater dimmed, and a nurse finally exited the room. Immediately, the patient’s wife rushed forward, her family trailing behind, “How is my husband? Did the surgery go well?”

“Yes, it was a successful operation that put the patient out of danger,” replied the nurse.

As soon as they heard that, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Alec was an exception. Standing in a corner, he did not seem surprised by the result.

Soon, the nurse wheeled the patient out of the room, and the family members followed, leaving Alec alone at the door of the operating theater.

When Jenny walked out of the room, she noticed him immediately, as he did her. Quickly, he approached and said, “Hello, Dr. Walter.”

“Hello, Mr. Alec,” she greeted in return. After performing hours of surgery, her voice was a little weak.

Alec wanted to get down to business immediately, knowing the severity of Faye’s condition. However, after noticing Jenny’s fatigue, he said, “I would like to treat you to a meal.”

Frowning, Jenny refused his invitation instinctively.

“If you have something to say, you can just say it now.”

He had never invited her for a meal for the entire two years of their marriage. However, the moment they divorced, he wanted to treat her to dinner. How ridiculous!

Although she knew he didn’t realize that the doctor before him was the woman he had divorced just the day before, Jenny felt highly uncomfortable with the situation. She wanted nothing to do with him.

“Alright, then,” Alec didn’t need to be told twice, and he aired his request instantly. “I need you to operate on someone. These are her medical records.”

Jenny received the materials he had prepared. Upon opening the folder, she saw a photo of a girl with large eyes smiling at her. So, was this why Alec didn’t visit her for the past two years?

How cute, she thought.

Nonetheless, it had nothing to do with her. Since they had divorced, he was free to like whoever he fancied.


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