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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Faye’s Condition

“I don’t blame you for not understanding medical law, Mr. Faust. However, I must inform you it prohibits me from practicing outside my place of registration, which happens to be Parrington Hospital, so…you understand, right?”

Usually, she would provide a shorter explanation. However, for the sake of her patient, she was willing to go to further lengths.

“So, you can’t perform the surgery in a private hospital?” he asked.

“Exactly.” Jenny didn’t want to ruin her career for him. Alec fell quiet. He had not expected such a regulation. “If there’s nothing else I can help you with, please allow me to excuse myself. But Mr. Faust, please do make a decision soon.”

Seeing Alec’s hesitation, Jenny knew he didn’t want to transfer Faye to Parrington Hospital because he lacked faith in their facilities and services. Since that was the case, there was nothing she could do.

Soon, Jenny disappeared from his line of sight. Vincent approached him, asking, “Did Dr. Walter agree to perform the surgery on Faye?”

Alec shook his head. While she didn’t promise him she would do it, she didn’t refuse him either. Additionally, whether or not she could perform the surgery depended on him.

Unaware of what Alec was thinking, he expressed his bewilderment. “These famous doctors are really weird.”

After all, even the Faust Group’s president failed to convince her in person. It seemed that Dr. Walter was not an easy person to deal with.

With her spectacular first day, everyone in the hospital viewed her in a new, improved light the next day. Patients scheduled for surgeries were less reluctant to attend appointments when they discovered she would lead their operations.

Jenny performed three operations in a day. While her coworkers seemed overwhelmed, she remained full of energy throughout the day, showing no signs of tiring.

“Any more surgeries today?” she asked Morgan, who was standing behind her.

“No more.” Morgan shook her head. The neurosurgery department of Parrington Hospital had not been doing very well, so there were few patients. However, she had a gut feeling that everything would change with Jenny’s arrival.

“Dr. Walter, I’m sorry I looked down on you this morning. You are definitely the best neurosurgeon I have ever met,” said one of her team’s doctors. His eyes shone with admiration.

“You’re also the most hardworking doctor I’ve met,” added another doctor with a wry smile.

Smiling, Jenny looked at them and said, “You’re tired already? I used to perform six operations a day from morning to night without a break.”

Hearing that, they gave her a thumbs up. Brain surgeries were notoriously long. In addition, there were many nerves present in the brain. Hence, neurosurgeons were required to be highly vigilant throughout the procedure. One operation was enough to exhaust them, let alone six. The other doctors were too afraid to imagine it.

“Now you all finally know how great Dr. Walter is,” said Morgan with a smug chuckle, proud that her idol’s abilities were finally recognized.


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