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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 10

After Amy took a shower, she felt much more comfortable. But the next second, she realized that she had forgotten to bring her pajamas inside.

She thought that there was no one in the room, so she opened the door and came out naked. The pajamas must be in the wardrobe.

But just when she opened the wardrobe, the light was off. What happened? Was the power cut off?

It was too dark to see anything. So Amy just gave up finding the pajamas. She decided to have a good rest first and went to find a job tomorrow.

So she went to the bed and covered her naked body with the quilt. Although it was dark, she still felt embarrassed being naked.

But something weird happened. There was someone else in bed!

She felt a strong hand on her body and the next moment, she was pulled on his chest.

“Who are you?” Amy was shocked and struggled.

“I am your husband, the one who paid the medical bill of your father.” his voice came in the darkness.

Her husband? Amy stiffened and stopped struggling. Then she felt his hand was...caressing her boob.

He was quite satisfied with her boob. She looked so thin but her boob was chubby and soft. He continued outlining the curve.

“Well, my husband. We haven’t got our marriage license yet. Can you wait?” Amy asked carefully.

Richard fondled Amy’s body, which attracted him so much. They had sex the day before yesterday and he already became so obsessed with her body. He wanted her so badly now that he refused to wait for one more second.

Since he had such great fun having sex with her, he thought maybe he would marry her when his family were pushing him to get married. After all, he knew he took her virginity.


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