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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 11

When Amy arrived at HD Group, the interview had started already. Hannah was waiting for the interview as well. She would also like to start her career from HD Group.

“Come on Amy. Come here.” Hannah waited for Amy for a long time. Once she saw Amy stepped into the lobby, she kept waving to her.

Amy saw Hannah and ran to her quickly.

“Amy, how are you recently? Better? I planned to visit you but my mom asked me to stay at home and look after my little cousin. Finally, I have got a chance and come here today.” Hannah was whispering.

“I’m fine now. I have to pull myself together and make money to pay my dad’s treatment.” Amy took over her application form from Hannah.

“What’s that on your neck, Amy?” Hannah saw the fresh love bite on her neck and asked her in a low voice.

What! Amy covered her neck at once. The sex was really wild last night. Should she tell Hannah that she was going to get married again? She was hesitating and finally, she decided not to tell her right now.

“Alas, I got allergy recently. Never mind. But thanks to you, I shall button my collar or it will be seen by the interviewer later.” Amy buttoned her shirt instantly.

Hannah didn’t have doubts at all. The interviews were finished quite rapidly. Now it was Hannah’s turn.



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