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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 17

When it was time to get off work, all the employees went back home one after another. But Amy didn’t leave. While she was still working, Hannah came and looked for her. She wanted to ask a question but didn’t get the chance since there were too many people around.

“Amy, you are still working?” Hannah came to her.

“Yes, almost done.” Actually, Amy had finished all work. But she didn’t want other colleagues to find out that a luxurious car was waiting for her outside. However, she forgot about Hannah.

“Amy, you left in a hurry yesterday. But I still saw it. You was picked up in a luxurious car. Who was waiting for you? I thought you were divorced? Even though you didn’t, Matt couldn’t afford that expensive car, either.” There were just them two in the office and Hannah asked Amy directly.

“Hannah, if I tell you I married again, will you believe me?” Amy was not going to lie to Hannah. It was just that even she herself couldn’t accept the whole thing right now. She was afraid that Hannah couldn’t understand, either.

“What?” See? Hannah was shocked and couldn’t believe it.

“Amy, are you joking? You just got divorced and remarried this quickly? How? And why? Besides, who’s your husband? Tell me everything!” Hannah stared at Amy, eager to know every detail.

“Well, I got married only because that man is willing to pay for my dad’s medical treatment. You know that my dad is very sick, and we are in need of money. Anyway, I had no choice.” When Amy thought about her dad heavily sick in hospital, she was heart-breaking. She blamed herself for having no money.

“Fine. Since he’s willing to pay for your dad’s medical treatment, he was actually not bad. Then who is he?” Hannah knew Amy’s dad would cost a great deal of money.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen his face.” Amy lowered her head.

“What? You don’t who your husband is? And you haven’t seen his face?” Hannah was shocked. It was so unbelievable.

“No, I haven’t. He comes home only at night every day.” At this moment, Amy’s phone rang.

It was Robin. She picked it up and Robin said that he was waiting for her outside.

“Hannah, I don’t know how to explain because I can’t even convince myself of the whole marriage thing. But the butler is waiting to pick me up. I need to go home now.” Amy took her purse and said good-bye to Hannah quickly.

Hannah was dumbfounded as she saw Amy leaving, wondering whether Amy was fortunate or not. She tried to put herself into Amy’s shoes. A totally stranger came and had sex with her every night. No, no, no! She could never accept it.

When Robin saw Amy, he opened the door for her politely. When she was on her way, she found that they weren’t heading towards the villa but the downtown instead.

“Robin, what’s happening? Shouldn’t we go home?” Amy noticed they were driving into a underground parking lot in a huge super mall.

“Madam, as I mentioned this morning, the master said that although he couldn’t give you a wedding, you could still get what you deserved. So I’m taking you here to buy a diamond ring and some jewelry. And also, the master asked someone else to buy all the clothes in the wardrobe for you. He doesn’t know whether you like them or not. You can also buy some new clothes you like by the way.” When Robin got off the car, he opened the door for Amy thoughtfully.

Amy realized that her husband was quite interesting. He knew he was ugly and didn’t want to hold a wedding. But he was also very nice to her. He paid for her dad’s medical treatment and he was so thoughtful about all details in her daily life.

Amy did not refuse this time. Since he asked her to buy something, then she would. But she didn’t plan to wear the diamond ring or the jewelry anyway.


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