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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 16

When Amy arrived at HD Group again, she was so nervous. She had been dreaming of working here! And now her dream came true! She cheered herself up and was determined to make her career from here.

“Amy, you are here!” Hannah just came here and ran to Amy once she found her.

They were both hired by HD Group. When Amy heard the new, she was relived and happy to work with her best friend. Then they went to the Human Resources Department together. Amy was working at the Secretariat Department and Hannah the Design Department.

Although they were separated in different departments, luckily, these two departments were close to each other on the same floor.

When Amy came to the Secretariat Department, all people stopped working and looked at her.

“Are you Mrs. Jones?” Amy asked politely.

“You must be the new employee, Miss Miller, right? I am Mrs. Jones.” Mrs. Jones shook hands with Amy. She looked very nice, maybe in her thirties. She was not very beautiful but very elegant.

“Hello, Mrs. Jones. I’m Amy Miller. Nice to meet you. I will try my best to do my work.” Amy smiled.

“Good. Come with me. This is your seat.” Mrs. Jones pointed to a table and showed Amy.

This table was near a corner. If someone came here, he might just miss this place. But Amy liked it very much since it was near the window, too. Then Mrs. Jones introduced Amy to other colleagues. Later Amy was a little thirsty and asked the woman sitting next to her. “Hi, can you please tell me where the tea room is?”

“Sure, go out and turn left. You will see it.” she answered enthusiastically.

“Well, thanks a lot.” Amy went out for the tea room.

But just when she came out with a cup of water, she bumped into someone. Oops, Amy was holding the cup and the water was poured half on his shirt.

Amy wanted to apologize, but when she looked up and saw his face, she just wanted to pour the rest of the water right on his face.

“Amy? What are you doing here, Amy? I told you we were over. Just give up!” It was Matt, her ex and that bastard!

“What are you saying? I work here, OK? Stop flattering yourself.” Amy didn’t want to speak to him at all and was going to leave. But Matt grabbed her hand and stopped her.

“You work here? Since when? I got it. You know I’m cooperating with HG Group so you choose to work here deliberately. You want to meet me, right? Stop that, Amy. I told you. Over is over.” He grabbed Amy’s arm tightly, forcing Amy to look at him.


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