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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 4

Richard felt frustrated after talking to his family and headed back home directly. The urgent business in their eyes was his marriage. They wanted him to get married as soon as possible. But he thought he was young. Why was the hurry? Besides, why would they worry about his marriage? He was so handsome and rich.

Richard frowned and his grandfather’s words replayed in his mind.

"Richard, you’d better forget that woman right away and find a wife within a month. If you don’t, I...I will die in sorrow!"

He didn’t quite understand his grandpa. How could he find himself a wife in just a month! Well, he couldn’t just randomly find a woman on the street and propose to her, right? At least, they should agree to get married.

Usually Richard wouldn’t take his grandfather’s words seriously. But this time, however, Richard was worried his grandfather wouldn’t let him go easily. If he really got stubborn and did something stupid, Richard would regret for the rest of his life.

"Sir, look at the the girl sitting over there. She is so bold. It’s quite late now, but she still hangs out outside alone." the driver exclaimed.

Richard didn’t bother to see. He had no interest in this kind of girls at all.

The story between the two should’ve ended there, but God made a joke of it.

When his car drove by, it drove right through the puddle in front of her, covering Amy’s entire body with muddy water.

Amy was sullen about her future since she was both divorced and homeless. And the next second, she had to forget the past and deal with a soaking, filthy dress. Could this day get any worse? She wondered.

"Hey, you! What's wrong with you? Stop your car!" Amy yelled.

Since Richard’s car was soundproof, he didn’t hear Amy was yelling at him.


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