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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 5

Seeing the car door opened, Amy stepped back and stared at him as he stepped out and walked toward her.

He was over six feet tall and looked extremely stunning in the dark blue suit. He even looked far more handsome than any international models Amy had ever seen. However, he also seemed cold and unapproachable at the same time.

Richard got out of his car and checked the dent directly without paying attention to Amy. The damage was hardly noticeable and not worth the effort of getting repaired.

After checking, he turned to Amy. "You rejected my money this morning so you could get back at me now. Well, I have to say you did planned all these." He stared scornfully at Amy.

Amy's anger burst once she heard him. She suffered the whole day, and was doing her best to be polite, but he wronged her and accused her of planning all these.

"I planned this? How could I know you would drive this way? Do I even know you? Why would I plan this? You are so unbelievable!" Amy yelled and turned around. She just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

Why was the world punishing her? Hadn’t she gone through enough?

The driver was totally shocked when Amy scolded Richard without fear. In R city, everyone was afraid of Richard and no on ever dared to scold him.

Richard's face darkened. He had never been scolded like this in his life. He knew he should be angry but to his surprise, he didn’t. Instead, he found her quite amusing. What was wrong with him?

He looked at her back and thought about the steamy night they spent last night. She was so passionate. But now she seemed furious. Alas, he missed her passion and her sexy body.


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