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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 7

Robin’s politeness didn’t win Amy’s affection for him.

Her life had changed dramatically overnight. Though she was strong and tough, she was hurt deeply and couldn’t trust anyone right now.

“About what?” Amy asked with distrust.

“Miss Miller. You need a lot of money, right? For your father’s operation? And you were abandoned by your husband? Are you going to do nothing and let him enjoy his life?” Robin described Amy’s trouble and misery one by one.

“So what? Are you coming to laugh at me?” She stared at Robin, wondering why he knew so much about her.

“Not at all. On the contrary, I’m here to help you. We can cooperate with each other. If you marry my master, all these problems will be solved instantly.” Robin answered calmly.

He must be joking, right? She just got divorced and then a stranger came to propose her for his master? Why? What kind of weirdo would do such a thing? He didn’t have a better choice?

“Is your master disabled physically?” Amy asked.

“No. He’s strong and healthy.” Robin replied.

“Then he’s disabled mentally or he’s blind?” Amy continued.

“Neither. My master is intelligent and healthy both physically and mentally. May I know why you asked these questions?” Now Robin thought Amy was not only messy but also weird. She should feel so lucky that someone offered to pay the medical expense for her dad and accept it at once. But she kept asking weird questions.


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