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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 6

Amy looked up and found that the doctors were rushing into the ward where her father was in. What happened? She had a bad feeling and followed them immediately.

“Check his heart rate and send him to the emergency room. Now!” the doctor stared at Amy’s father and ordered.

Amy pushed her way to the doctor and asked, “What’s going on? Doctor? How is my dad?” Amy wanted to cry but she must hold back her tears right now.

“Leave the doctor alone. Can’t you see we are busy now? Move away.” A nurse stopped Amy.

The doctors looked so serious and Amy stood aside, afraid to disturb them. They were using various medical instruments none of which looked familiar to Amy.

She followed them to the emergency room and the door closed before her. She could do nothing but to wait outside, worried and frightened.

At this moment, a doctor walked out and patted her on her shoulder.

“How is my dad?” Amy asked hurriedly.

“Don’t worry for now.” he sighed, “So you are his daughter, right?” He opened the file in his hand and was reading the document.

“Yes I am.” Amy wiped her tears and answered.

“All right. I’m here to inform you that you must pay his medical bills right now. If not, we have to discharge him and stop all treatment right now. In this case, he may not survive next time.” the doctor put on a professional yet cold look.

Amy was penniless now. All her stuff was in the hotel where her heart was broken.

“How much should I pay?” She asked. Maybe she could borrow some money from Hannah.


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