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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 10

Chapter 10 

Up till now, after three years of sticking by his side, she was there for Lance during his toughest times, helping him step by step to get the Olson Group back on track But what did she get in return

Lance’s betrayal

And that you’re too cold and assertivecrap

If she didn’t arm herself with that icy strength, how would she have dealt with all the obstacles and difficulties

If she didn’t arm herself with that icy strength, who knew what kind of mess she’d be in because of that guy

She didn’t want to be a burden to Lance if something went wrong

but in the end, all she got was more sadness and ridicule

She didn’t want to be so cold and assertive either, she just wanted to live like a normal woman

To be a simple office worker, dressing up nicely, hanging out with friends to go shopping, eating, partying, and traveling

But could she

She couldn’t

Not in the past, and certainly not now 

Because this time, she really had no one but herself

If she wasn’t strong, who would protect her

In the hospital room, Chloe just sighed softly 

In contrast to the quietness in Chloe’s room, next door in Keira’s room, it was packed with people 

The Summers family’s grandma, Carolina Petry, father Nick Summers, mother Viviana Reeves, Lance, Blake Sanders who helped save her, friends who saved Keira, and some classmates who attended the party on the boat

Your sister’s too much, you apologized to her, and she splashes boiling water on you?” 

Keira, stay away from your sister. I always thought her cold demeanor was scary, and you’ll only get bullied around her 

Yeah, she’s a woman, but she’s always wearing those gloomy professional clothes. I heard she’s even tougher than the men at Lance’s company. She’s not like a woman at all. Whoever’s with her really has it rough” 

Hearing this, Lance’s face turned cold

Keira sensed Lance’s change and frowned, her face easily showing a vulnerable sadness

She’s still my sister, and although she seems cold and hard to get along with, she hasn’t really done anything too terrible.Keira said

Keira’s best friend Amelia Schneider angrily said

Didn’t do anything terrible? Keira, you’re just too kind. I’ve told you before, being too kind isn’t a good thing! Almost everyone in P City knows what she’s done to you! If not for her, you wouldn’t be in this situation.” 


The old lady, Carolina, who had been silent, suddenly spoke up. She stood up with an unhappy look on her face

Carolina wasn’t tall, with completely gray hair neatly arranged in a bun. Although the wrinkles on her face couldn’t hide the traces of time, her eyes were still bright and full of energy 


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