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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 11


Chapter 11 

As soon as the old lady finished speaking, the quiet ward suddenly became lively

The chairman’s son of the Harper Group?!” 

Yeah, he’s been helping overseas companies grow for years, and now that they’re stable, he’s taking over the Harper family business officially!” 

I heard he’s coming back in a couple of days!” 

Apparently, he’s only 28 and is about to become the global CEO of the Harper Group! That’s amazing!” 

A wave of envious voices rose and fell, but then someone suddenly said realistically

He’s so young and capable, but who knows what he looks like. He’s been working so hard for the Harper Group’s huge business; he might have gone bald already at such a young age 

Yeah, he must have attended a lot of social events. What a pity if he’s a bald guy with a big belly!” 

Now that you mention it. My dad used to be a handsome guy when he was young, but ever since he had his own company… 

The room went from boiling excitement to a series of sighs

In the end, everyone imagined the young chairman of the Harper Group as a bald guy with a big belly

But that’s still pretty good, after all, not everyone can attend the Harper Group’s banquets. Keira, your grandma is so nice!” 

Yeah, I’ll talk to my dad when I get home, see if he can take me!” 

Me too!” 

Same here.” 

Seeing those women so eager, Keira sneered in her heart

But on the outside, she still looked sweet and weak, nodding gently and saying I understand, Grandma.” 

Seeing Keira’s wellbehaved and sensible appearance, Carolina was very satisfied

Then she suddenly turned her head to look at Lance, who had been silent, and said, Lance, you take Keira with you when the time comes

Keira’s pretty little face immediately flushed, she gently bit her lip, and sneakily glanced at the handsome Lance beside her before quickly lowering her head

Her shy appearance caught the attention of the men in the room 

Lance’s tense mouth gradually relaxed, responding softly, I will.” 

Carolina nodded in satisfaction, then looked at Keira’s flushed face, a smile flickering in her eyes

You rest well, Keira I’ll go check the next door!” 

Hearing this, Keira’s weak face revealed a hint of pleading. She looked up at Carolina and begged, Grandma, my sister was underwater longer than me, and she just barely woke up. Please don’t get angry at her again.” 

Alright! Don’t worry about it! I know what I’m doing!” 


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