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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 9


Chloe was totally shocked, blinked her eyes gently, and finally couldn’t help but laugh

Chloe said, “Sorry, it’s definitely my bad.” 

Damon looked at her bright smile, and his eyes flashed with tenderness. What are you laughing at?” 

Chloe said, It seems I really don’t know you well. I never expected that someone as elegant and lowkey as you could say something like that. It really doesn’t match your appearance 

Damon said, “You’re right, as long as you understand what I’m saying, there’s no problem 

But, Miss Chloe, everything has its essential attributes and superficial attributes. Essential attributes usually remain unchanged, while superficial attributes change with conditions So, if you only look at the superficial attributes of things, you won’t see their true nature

Speaking of people, it’s like Don’t judge a book by its cover! Are you sure you only judge people by their appearance?” 

Chloe’s laughter gradually faded and became cold

Of course she couldn’t

One Keira was enough to teach her a lifetime of lessons about society and human nature

She took a deep breath and slowly exhaled

Chloe said. So, Mr. Harper, we’re really not a good fit. I don’t know you well, I can’t even see through your superficial attributes, let alone your essential attributes

And I just broke up with my boyfriend a few minutes ago, I haven’t even recovered from it, and you want me to jump into another relationship immediately, I’m afraid I can’t handle it, and it’ll be disrespectful to you.” 

Damon said, I didn’t expect you to agree now. You asked me the purpose, and I answered your question Deciding to pursue you is my business, and I don’t like others influencing my decisions” 

Damon seemed to be waiting for Chloe to adapt, and then spoke lightly after a moment

Of course, whether or not to reject is your business. But, I reject your rejection!‘ 

Chloe didn’t say anything

Damon said, I welcome Miss Chloe to examine my essential attributes at any time!” 

Chloe was completely stunned, watching Damon leave without saying a word

It wasn’t until the room was completely empty that she slowly came back to her senses

If rejection was her business, and rejecting her rejection was his business, did she have a choice

So, after all he said, could it be translated into one sentence 

He had set on her

This man was really something 

Chloe shook her head with a smile and finally crawled into bed

She took a deep breath, feeling a bit hungry, but there was no one to accompany her in her room

She got up and took a cup of water from the automatic temperature control machine, drank it, and lay down again

Everything was so natural for her that she didn’t even notice that she was in need of someone to take care of her at this moment

However, habits became second nature. Since she returned from oversees three years ago, she had bought an apartment and lived on her own She went through illness alone, took care of herself when seeking medical treatment, and always got injections by herself 


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