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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 12

Chapter 12 

Chloe hesitated for a moment, then said, Come in!” 

As soon as her cold voice fell, the door to the ward was opened, and a tall stranger in a black uniform walked in

Chloe frowned, Who are you?” 

Nate nodded politely at Chloe

Miss Chloe, hello, I’m Nate, Mr Harper’s assistant I’ve brought you some pancakes prepared by him” 

Clever as Chloe was, she had no doubts that this Mr. Harper Nate mentioned must be Damon 

But, was his move really that swift and direct

Nate I’m sorry I don’t think Mr Harper and 1 are that close yet.Chloe said 

Miss Chloe. Mr Harper said that you just woke up and need to pay attention to your diet. If you refuse, it means you don’t like these things. He ordered me to change them until you’re satisfied and enjoy eating them” 

Nate seemed to have expected Chloe’s refusal, and spoke immediately after her last word 

He spoke with a straight face, neither humble nor arrogant, concise and not wasting a word, and there was no doubt that he fully expressed Damon’s intentions and attitude. Seeing him was like seeing Damon 

this man was definitely extraordinary 

Chloe couldn’t help but take another look at Nate, a flash of appreciation in her eyes

She helplessly brushed her hair, then said to Nate

No need to bother, please thank Mr. Harper for me.” 

Nate walked forward, placed the bag in his hand on the cabinet, then bent slightly towards Chloe, Please enjoy, Miss Chloe” 


Chloe nodded in agreement, and Nate straightened up but stood aside, not intending to leave the room Chloe looked up at him 

Meeting her gaze, Nate said, ‘Mr Harper asked me to watch you finish eating” 

She pursed her lips, opened the bag on the table, and noticed the logo on it, pausing for a moment

was actually from that famous restaurant 

Though the restaurant had a small storefront, every dish inside was delicate and delicious

Getting food from this restaurant was no longer a matter of how much money she had 


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