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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 13

Chapter 13 

Chloe put down her fork

said casually

Hey Nate, can you head out first? I’ll finish the food, don’t worry. I just don’t like eating with someone staring at me.” 

Nate thought for a moment, then nodded

Got it, Miss Chloe Enjoy your meal, I’ll leave now” 

AlrightChloe responded indifferently, then tried to stand up

*Please stay seated, Miss Chloe.” 

Nate quickly said, Chloe hesitated for a moment, then sat back down

I won’t see you out then Chloe frowned 

Nate nodded again, then turned and left the room, his eyes no longer filled with scrutiny and vigilance 

He was initially shocked when Mr. Damon asked him to bring food to this Miss Chloe

He had never seen Mr. Damon take the initiative to care for a stranger, especially a woman, and his pursuit was quite obvious 

He couldn’t help but feel curious and judgmental about this woman, wondering if Mr. Damon’s decision was too hasty

After just a few minutes of interaction, he knew that this woman’s temperament and demeanor were topnotch 

Mr. Damon’s choice wasn’t irrational 

In the hallway, Nate overheard Nick talking to others

There’s still some time until next Friday, you two get ready to maybe meet with Lance’s parents” 

Alright, got it.Nick replied in a deep voice 

Nate slightly furrowed his brow, glanced at the three of them indifferently, and brushed past them

His outstanding appearance caught their attention, but they didn’t pay much heed to him

Chloe was just getting hungry, and Damon’s pancakes arrived in time

Since she had accepted the food, there was no reason for her to shortchange herself

But before she could really enjoy the pancakes, the door to the room, which had not been closed for long, was opened without even a knock. Chloe frowned slightly and looked towards the door 

Her already gloomy face turned even darker when she saw the people at the door

Carolina led the way in, and Chloe didn’t miss the disgust in her eyes Chloe put down the fork she was holding, losing her appetite

Chloe, are you feeling okay?” 

Viviana, who followed behind Carolina, stepped forward, dressed in a red embroidered slim dress with a matching veil. Her hair neatly arranged, and her face well maintained, she looked elegant and gentle

Her tone was full of kindness and concern


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