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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 14


Chapter 14 

Chloe smirked, head down 

Did he really think she’d be the slightest bit scared or react to his rage

When she had heard certain things enough times, she just stop caring 

He pointed at Chloe, I really regret not strangling you back then! You’re always doing something embarrassing and ruining our family’s reputation!” 

Chloe scoffed, Reputation? What good reputation does the Summers family have? Driving your first wife to her death and marrying a young, pretty new one. If being vain and greedy counts as a good reputation, then the Summers family is definitely the best in P City!” 

You you’re out of line!” 

Nick was almost choked with rage. He’d never thought his seemingly indifferent daughter would say such outrageous things


Carolina suddenly spoke up with a stern voice. Nick gritted his teeth in anger, but Viviana held onto his arm tightly

Chloe didn’t even want to give them a cold sneer

Carolina said in a deep voice, I thought you’d learn some restraint after all these years abroad, but it seems you’ve only become worse.” 

Chloe said, It appears you don’t know that I’ve been back for three years already” 

Carolina stopped in front of her, and the cane in her hand made a dull sound as Chloe finished speaking

The collision of floor tiles and solid wood was a deliberate display of her anger 

I originally wanted to grind away your stubborn and ruthless nature, but it seems three years is far from enough!Carolina said

Chloe finally looked up at Carolina, then stood up. Her slender body was weak, but tall and straight

In an instant, she went from looking up to looking down at the notsotall Carolina

Carolina’s face suddenly darkened

She despised the arrogant and flamboyant attitude Chloe had

Just like her mother, that invisible domineering strength seemed to flow naturally in their blood, never weakening

What? You want to send me back to S country? Chloe asked. 

Six years ago, they had sent her to the economically backward and culturally harsh S country without any explanation, never paying attention to her again

Her survival was pure luck. If she died, it was her own fault, and no one would know or care


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