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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 15

Chapter 15 

Chloe’s sarcastic remarks were blatant, casting a shadow over Carolina’s face in no time

*This whole mess, thanks to Keira for being considerate enough not to air out your dirty laundry of you trying to push her into the seaCarolina said

As for you and Lance, they just naturally gravitated towards each other and developed feelings. It’s best if you just step aside. Lance’s heart isn’t with you, you know that, night? Forcing never leads to happiness” 

The chill in Chloe’s heart grew deeper, causing her to feel a faint pain that she had thought was already numb 

She pushed Keira into the sea

Keira and Lance naturally ended up together

What a joke

When someone was being biased, it was just terrifyingly blind

Chloe didn’t want to waste more time on them. She just wanted to save a bit of strength to keep her heart a bit warm

She simply picked up her fork again, calmly and elegantly took a bite of her pancake

Seeing Chloe’s cold demeanor, the three of them were visibly upset. Carolina shot her a glance, her gaze swept across the cabinet in front of her

Her brows knitted slightly, saying coldly. Take some rest, before turning and leaving the room

As they left the hospital room, Carolina stopped in the hallway, addressing Nick and Viviana behind her

Get Keira some pancakes too. If Chloe has some, Keira should too What were you guys thinking?Pancakes?” 

Nick and Viviana were taken aback, since when did they get Chloe pancakes

Carolina had always loved pancakes, sometimes even sending servants early in the morning to that famous diner, but they weren’t always available. Were those pancakes Chloe was eating from that famous diner

Who bought them


But he was with Keira in her room just now

Even if he bought it, he wouldn’t have only got for Chloe, right? 

So, it was just her

Look at her, taking care of herself. Really knew how to enjoy

Viviana said, I got it, Mom. I know you’ve always loved the pancakes from there. I’ll make sure they bring an extra one.” 

Vimana replied gently, easing Carolina’s mood a bit

Let’s go 

In the private room on the third floor of the famous diner

Nate stood before Damon, reporting

He also told Damon about his chance encounter with Carolina, Nick, and Viviana 

In reality, some things about the Summers family weren’t exactly secrets

With just a bit of probing, he found many rumors

Damon sat alone at the head of the table

The sunlight quietly highlighted his handsome features, his demeanor was refined and relaxed, filled with charm

He had his head slightly lowered


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