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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16 

Damon pulled back his hand, responding calmly

I already said I would trust her. If I go snooping now, wouldn’t that be like shooting myself in the foot?

But we can’t be certain all the rumors are false.” 

Nate was struggling to keep his cool. He never thought his boss could be so head over heels for a woman

Damon stood up, walked to the window, slightly turned sideways. He watched the black car slowly pulling up below and said

As long as I choose to believe, even the lies can become truth.” 

His voice was calm and deep, but Nate could hear his arrogance and pride

His heart fluttered He was familiar to this side of Damon. Every time they were in a business meeting that could make or break them, Damon always stood firm against adversity, creating new possibilities

That confidence had earned him the respect of many 

But that was just in business

He’d never seen Damon so obsessed with a woman

Just because of Damon’s words, Nate fully acknowledged Chloe as the future wife of Damon in his heart

The reason was simple, he always believed 

that anything Damon took a fancy to would definitely become his 

Since she was going to be his mistress anyway, there was no point in doubting it here

Go downstairs and tell the manager, we’re not doing business today Damon ordered. Alright!” 

Upon hearing Damon’s abrupt command, Nate didn’t hesitate and left the private room 

At the entrance of the restaurant, the driver rolled down the window, revealing Carolina’s serious face. Nick and Viviana sat on either side, all of them peering at the restaurant’s entrance 

The chauffeur got out to make a reservation

This restaurant is really popular. It’s a shame the owner doesn’t want to open another branch” 

That’s the charm of this place. Every chef has their unique style. Even if they cook the same dish, it will taste different. Opening another branch might damage their brand image.” 

Carolina said, puzzled. The restaurant was already nourishing when she was young and there were still no branches decades later

Having such a profitable business and not expanding, the owner was indeed a bit capricious

There were fewer customers today than usual. It used to be packed, so they were lucky to get a table today 

However, she saw their chauffeur was stopped as soon as he approached the front desk

Carolina frowned instantly

After living for so many years, if she still couldn’t see that this was intentional, then she had truly lived in vain

More blatantly, the person behind their chauffeur got a reservation smoothly

What are they trying to do?Viviana was also surprised, Why are they singling us out?” 

Obviously, the waiter who was in charge of making the reservation also noticed this and was arguing with them


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