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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 17

Chapter 17 

Feeling pissed off about the situation, Viviana couldn’t just sit back and take it. So she hopped out of the car 

Seeing someone getting out from the car, the waiter at the door heard a voice from his earpiece, his face instantly shifted, and he shut down the reservation machine right in front of Viviana

Viviana halted, her anger spiked up 

This was clearly a setup

Grinding her teeth, she still walked up to the waiter, and asked coldly

“What’s up with your place? Why are you targeting us? Do you pick and choose customers?” 

The waiter had a plastic smile plastered on his face, politely responded

Yes madam But you are the only customer we singled out

Vimana was livid, and she almost collapsed

You! I’m gonna file a complaint!” 

“Feel free” 

The waiter still kept his polite smile, not bothered about the complaint at all

His attitude left Viviana perplexed, becoming more cautious

This restaurant wasn’t just any place. It had stood the test of time, there must be a reason The arrogance of the staff made her wonder who the hell owned this place 


We didn’t steal, didn’t rob, didn’t cause a ruckus here, why are you treating us differently?!” 

Viviana’s momentum was a bit less than before, but she was still fuming inside

Because you offended the future wife of our bossThe waiter said

Viviana froze 

The waiter was also caught off guard

He just repeated what he was told in his earpiece

He knew the manager of this place, but as for who the real boss was, he had no clue

And he was totally in the dark about this future wife

So when Viviana asked him who the future boss lady was, he could only answerhe couldn’t disclose

Viviana’s face was flushed, gritted her teeth, was about to turn around and leave. She then saw two staff members coming out of the restaurant, leading a menacing dog with fiery red fur, strutting out fiercely 

Upon spotting Viviana, the fierce dog roared and started jumping around, as if ready to pounce on her anytime

Viviana stepped back, clutching her chest, her face turned pale

Then, she saw another waiter put a bowl of meat in front of the big dog, who

niffed it and started eating 

This was a blatant insult 

Viviana was utterly embarrassed, her face was beet red She stood there for a while, speechless, then clutched her chest, turned around and walked back to the car All this caught the eye of Carolina As Viviana approached, she asked softly

What happened?” 

Viviana said. Thave no idea, they said we offended the future wife of their boss But how could we know who their future lady boss is


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