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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 18

Chapter 18 

Upstairs, Damon was casually eyeing the scene below, a faint smirk playing on his thin lips

The door to the private room opened at that moment, and Nate walked in, obviously fishing for compliments 

Damon turned, giving him a cool onceover

Nate tucked in his chin, a slight bend in his posture indicating his nerves

Your comedy act, still needs a bit of work, Damon said, with Nate visibly sighing in relief at the last word

ll definitely work on itNale said 

Damon furrowed his brows, Keep delivering her meals, three times a day, until she’s discharged from the hospital.” 

Got it, bossNate said

By evening. Chloe could only remain speechless at Nate’s arrival

For two consecutive days, due to Nate’s different methods of bringing her meals, Chloe’s complexion had significantly improved

Even her previously painful stomach hadn’t acted up unexpectedly these past couple of days

But such a situation couldn’t continue indefinitely, and by noon on the third day, Chloe couldn’t help but voice her complaints. Nate came over as usual, she calmly accepted the food box, then asked, “Where’s his granny? I promised to keep her company.Nate pondered for a moment, TII let her know when I get back.” 

Chloe nodded, She has my number, she can call me anytime she’s bored” 

SureNate said. 

Nate quickly left the ward, ready to go back and ask the old lady’s opinion

He nearly collided with two people on his way out 

and swiftly sidestepped, avoiding any contact with them

He gave them a casual glance, nodded politely, then turned and left

Keira, clutching Lance’s arm, was shocked as she watched Nate’s retreating figure

Did he just come out of my sister’s room? Lance, who is he?” 

Lance’s eyes flashed a complex emotion, then he casually replied, “Probably someone we’ve worked with before, I don’t really remember.” Oh.Keira said 

Keira watched the retreating figure, a smile flickered in her eyes as she heard Lance’s response

Let’s go in then” 

SureLance said 

With that, Lance pushed open Chloe’s ward door 


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