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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 19


Chapter 19 

She didn’t blame other guys for falling for Keira. After all, Keira had a magnetic charm that was hard to resist

But Lance? Nope, he shouldn’t do that 

They had been together eight years, he should be the one who knew best how much she’d given him

She always figured Lance wasn’t as shallow as other men

But that was just wishful thinking on her part 

Why are you guys here?” 

After a momentary daze, Chloe quickly regained her usual icy demeanor

Keira bit her lip, gripping Lance’s arm tightly, with a somewhat gloomy expression

Lance frowned at Chloe’s cold and distant manner

He walked into the hospital room with Keira nervously trailing behind him

Keira’s all better now, she’s being discharged today, she wanted to say goodbye to you.” 

Chloe scoffed, Goodbye? Like a final farewell? If not, then get out” 


Lance suddenly reprimanded in a low voice

When did you become so bitchy? You’ve always been fair, it’s never been Keira’s fault.” 

Chloe looked up to see Lance’s face clouded with blame and disappointment 

She rarely saw Lance looking at her like that, and never thought the once gentle man could be angry with her

But the last three times they met, he was always like this

She thought she would feel heartbroken as before, but now, she was so calm it even surprised her

Chloe put down her fork, picked up a glass of water, and took a sip. She then casually interrupted Lance, Am I the one who’s wrong?” 

She stood up, walked over to them. She looked at Lance, and smiled faintly

Am I bitchy? Who do you think you are to accuse me?” 

Lance opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say 

Chloe, don’t blame Lance, it’s all my fault” 

Before Keira could finish her sentence, Chloe’s gaze was like an ice blade, staring at Keira

Keira’s voice stopped abruptly, and she froze

Of course it’s your fault! I didn’t say I wouldn’t blame you!Chloe said 

Lance felt Keira stiffen, he pulled her back, Chloe, it’s not Keira’s fault, if you want to blame someone, blame me.” 

Chloe slowly raised her head to look at Lance, her icy gaze fixed on him for a moment. She laughed, looking at him indifferently and numbly


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