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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20 

No way she had to seriously think about how to minimize the impact of the bad news 

Chloe, why you gotta be so tough?” 

Lance looked helpless and sad as if her being like this was so embarrassing 

Chloe slightly lowered her head lifting her hand to gently brush the loose strands of hair on her forehead revealing her smooth and glowing forehead, full of strength and beauty 

Lance said We just came to say hi and since we ve 

one that we won’t bother you anymore” 

Chloe Lance felt a whirlwind of emotions that he didn’t

chow to express, subconsciously not really wanting to keep butting heads with her As he was talking he started to walk away with Keira, who looked like she had a lot on her mind but Chloe’s cool voice stopped him in his tracks

Hold on a te 


stopped and turned around to see Chloe walking towards them 

ven at the pu 

gown, she still radiated a unique elegance and strength that left Lance momentarily stunned 

oe stood in front of them lifted her head, and looked at them with a smirk

what happened 

lore aside for now” 

used slowhy shifting her gaze to Keira, whose heart started to pound as she caught the icy look in Chloe’s eyes, a hint of caution appearing in her own name you put on me ke it off when I’m ready, but the ones I don’t feel like taking off can’t just sit with me for nothing” 

said lowering her head to take a sip from her cup of water 

for bad after all that talking the water in the cup didn’t taste as good anymore 


ng up again, she gazed down at Keira, who was a few inches shorter than her, her face expressionless 

ra had never been more intimidated by Chloe than she was at that moment

Her words got stuck in her throat, and her body froze, standing there like an idiot 

Warm water slowly trickled down her head, even her highend makeup couldn’t stand up to the heat, melting a little, staining her beige trench coat Her carefully styled hair hung limp over her shoulders as more warm water flowed from the strands 


om was as quiet as the grave 

After a while Keira let out a scream 

Onity then 

snap out of his shock and quickly pulled Keira into his arms

Tip: hart lookin 


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