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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21 

Me Chloe Summers, when decide to do something good or bad, I go all in id rather be straight up about doing bad than be a sneaky, backstabbing, pot stiming weasel!” 

Chloe said

Lance looked at Keira, crying in his arms, with a hint of hesitation on his face 

Lance, will my face get ruinedCan I still be an actress? I don’t know If I can’t, what else can I doKeira said 

Lance’s eyes filled with sympathy, gently placing her wet hair over her shoulder and softly telling her

You won’t ruin your face, you can still act and become the actress you’ve always dreamed of.” 

Chloe gave a cold laugh and sat by the bed 

Both of you cut the mushy talk Go somewhere else” 

Lance looked up at Chloe with a completely unfamiliar look 

He then picked up the crying Keira and strode out of the ward 

Chloe got up and closed the halfopen door 

Left alone in the room, she leaned against the door and closed her eyes

She never understood why some people lived with so many objectives

She lost her appetite for the food on the cupboard, leaning against the head of the bed, casually looking at the sky outside the window 

She never realized how lonely one’s life could be 

Lance How could you leave me alone

After everyone else had left, even him, the last one remaining, wanted to leave

He was so cruel. When she felt that only he stayed, he still chose to leave her 

Chloe felt a deep sense of desolation

She was also a person, a normal person with feelings and emotions

She had pain, reluctance, joy and sorrow How strong could she be

A cold wind blew in from the window she snapped back to reality. Her body shivering slightly, and at the same time, her phone on the bedside started ringing 

The coat she wore on the ferry, her handbag and cell phone were all in the ward. She knew that these were all done by her only friend in this lifetime, Rose DaviS

Checking the caller ID, the only person who would call her at this time was Rose 

Chloe sighed and picked up the call


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