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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 22

Chapter 22 

The mood suddenly got a bit tense as soon as she finished speaking

No biggie, Chloe Who hasn’t had a few crappy romances in their youth? Remember how you comforted me when I got dumped in college?Rose said 

Chloe’s gaze faltered for a moment, not saying a word. Rose sighed softly, murmuring to herself

People come and go in life, no point fussing over where they came from or where they’re heading to. As long as we go with the flow, life is pretty good everywhere Lance was just a passerby in your life, no need to spend too much time on him Chloe, you’re so great, you deserve someone better” 

She deserved someone better 

The hand Chloe was holding her phone with suddenly tightened, a familiar yet strange face flashed in her mind

But only for a moment, she then quietly cracked a slight smile 

Seemed like she was really messed up, even connecting unrelated things

Chloe are you okay? Rose asked 

Chloe snapped back, I’m fine I just think you’re right” 

Rose let out a relieved sigh on the other end of the phone, Alright, rest up, I need to get busy.” 

OkayChloe answered

But just as she was about to hang up, Rose’s voice came again

Hold up. Chloe” 

HmmChloe asked 

Um are you planning on continuing to work at Lance’s company?Rose asked

Chloe was a bit taken aback, she hadn’t thought about this yet 

Thing is, the Research & Development Department is shortstaffed, if you don’t want to stay with Lance, could you help me out? I know you’ve got Starlight International to run, but I really need help Rose said

Chloe pondered for a moment, then softly said

Since we’ve broken up, I don’t have a reason to keep working at his company I’ve gotten used to a busy life over the years. If you need me, I can help out anytime.* Ahdarling, you’re a lifesaver! Whatever you need, just say it- pouring water, massaging, rubbing legs, anything as long as I can get you, it’s worth it.” 

Rose was rarely this excited, it helped to lift Chloe’s spirits

Chloe chuckled, You’re really laying it on thick.” 

Is that too much? I’m the luckiest person in the world, okay? You’re very importantRose said 

Alright, alright, calm down, don’t you have things to do? Go get them done.Chloe said


Rose sounded much more cheerful after solving a big problem, then she hung up casually 

After the call, Chloe’s thoughts were somewhat dispersed. She was about to stand up and go for a walk, get some fresh air, when the phone rang again

She hesitated for a moment, picked up the phone, and saw a strange landline number on the screen

She hesitated a bit, thinking it was a client from Lance’s company, but she answered the phone anyway

Hello, Chloe’s voice became more professional 

His this Chloe“” 


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