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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 23

Chapter 23 

Mrs. Harper hung up the phone, gave her hands a good rub, and turned to Hannah with a smile

Go give the young master a call Tell him to come home and have dinner with me” 

Sure, ma’am.” 

Hannah answered with a laugh, then turned around and sauntered off

Since she was going for a visit, Chloe decided to change into a different outfit out of courtesy 

The outfit was picked out by Rose and was brand new. But after all these days in the hospital, Chloe realized she hadn’t taken a proper shower

As she contemplated this, she furrowed her brow 

Just as she was hesitating, there was a knock on the door

“Ms Summers, the old lady sent me to pick you up.Nate said 

Alright, give me a secChloe quickened her pace

She followed Nate through the same path she took the last time she met Mrs, Harper 

There was a door in the fence she hadn’t noticed before 

Nate opened the door and let her go through first 

Only a fence separated the hospital from the park, which surprised Chloe

The large trees around the yard, neatly pruned plants, and orderly flower beds were impressive

Even though Chloe didn’t know much about gardening, she knew a perfectly arranged landscape like this must have been designed by a top-notch gardener

It was a lowkey yet exquisite residence

Is this where Mrs Harper lives? Chloe asked 

YesNate answered 

Chloe couldn’t help but turn around to look at the hospital building which wasn’t far away but now only visible through the gaps between trees. This is a shortcut. Mrs. Harper often feels lonely, so she had a door made here. Sometimes she comes to the hospital park to chat” 

Nate led her into the mansion, explaining as they crossed the small path in the middle of the greenery 

Mrs Harper, Ms Chloe is here.Nate said

Come on in” 

Hearing the eager and friendly voice, Chloe hurried inside

Upon seeing Chloe, Mrs. Harper immediately grabbed her hand

Her hand was rough, but the warmth of her palm touched Chloe

As she stepped into the living room and saw the large mansion with only a few servants working quietly and efficiently, Chloe felt even more guilty. I’m sorry, Mrs. Harper, for the delay.” 

It’s okay, I’m used to it. Just the thought of you coming to keep me company makes me happy for days.” 

Seeing the guilt on Chloe’s beautiful face, Mrs. Harper felt even more tender towards this kind girl

Chloe was led to the couch by Mrs Harper, who sat across from her, still holding her hand and not letting go

Chloe was overwhelmed by the affectionate look on her face

She had never been treated with such warmth in all these years

On the contrary, all she got were disgusted and disdainful looks upon knowing she was the daughter of the Summers family


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