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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 24

Chapter 24 

Chloe’s eyes wobbled a bit, she turned her head, looking at Alyssa Harper with a bit of surprise. Suddenly, it was like a light bulb had gone off in her head. Smart kid, just a little nudge and she got it 

Easy to say, but it’s a tough road, darling. But once you’ve made up your mind, it’s just a matter of time.Alyssa sald

Chloe nodded thoughtfully

The two chatted a bit more, Alyssa started to look a bit drowsy 

Seeing this, Chloe wanted to leave, but Alyssa wasn’t letting her ga 

Chloe don’t go, have dinner with grandma before you leave.” Alyssa said

Um Chloe hesitated 

Chloe, could you really say no to my invitation? Alyssa insisted 

Chloe was kind of stuck Looking into the old lady’s eyes full of anticipation, how could she say no

But grandma, you’re tired Chloe said

Alyssa just smiled, You look tired too, why don’t you take a nap?” 

That’s not really appropriate.Chloe said

Before Chloe could finish, Alyssa turned to the maid next to her

Hannah, take Ms Summers to the room at the far right upstairs for a rest.” 

Chloe and Hannah were both speechless

The room at the far right, wasn’t that the Damon’s room

This was too rushed, wasn’t it? This was practically sending Chloe straight to the his bed

No, she got it wrong‘ 

Alyssa was really sending her to Damon’s bed

But he never allowed anyone into his personal space, let alone his bedroom

Wasn’t she afraid that when the young master came back, he would drag her out of bed and throw her out the window

This was too awkward, wasn’t it


Just as Hannah wanted to remind the old lady, she was silenced by a glance 

What I mean is, does Miss Chloe want to take a bath before going to sleep? If you do, I’ll have someone prepare the bath water now.Hannah said

If she was going to sleep in the young master’s bed, she had to wash up first, right

Hearing this, Alyssa’s eyes lit up, and she looked at Hannah with approval

Right! A bath before bed is the way to go. Have someone prepare for it.” 

Chloe felt utterly helpless, yet faced with Mrs. Harper’s warm hospitality, she could hardly refuse

And she did really love a good soak 


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