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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 25


Chapter 25 

A sudden feeling of suffocation left her gasping for air 

The terror of feeling like she was drowning jerked Chloe awake 

Somewhere along the way, she had fallen asleep in the bathtub, her body slipping down until the hot water just barely covered her nose

She jerked upright, splashing water all over the tub

Her hands tightly gripped the edge of the tub as she gasped for air 

Feeling that the water hadn’t cooled much, she knew she hadn’t been asleep for long 

But the memory of what just happened had her quickly standing up in the bathtub, washing off quickly under the shower, and then pulling on a white bathrobe that a maid had prepared for her in advance

Even though she wasn’t short for a woman, the bathrobe was big and loose, barely covering her chest

After her bath, she didn’t have much on her mind, she found a hairdryer on the counter outside the bathroom

Her hair, which she hadn’t taken good care of in a while, still had its natural color 

Because she had her hair tied up for a long time, it was curly, with strands of hair casually draped over her thin shoulders like seaweed

Her face, without makeup, still had a flushed look from the hot bath

Her dark hair, white bathrobe, and delicate pale neck made her look incredibly sexy

Yet Chloe casually walked out, put on the slippers by the bathroom door, and calmly walked to the side of the bed. She lifted the covers and got into bed The bedding smelled nice 

Sleeping after a bath was one of the best things in the world

It was still early, and the servants downstairs had started to prepare for dinner

They hadn’t been this busy in a long time

The door to the villa opened at some point in the afternoon; the people in the longsilent villa were very sensitive to this sound 

The maid, Hannah, hurried to the door and saw a handsome man in a fine black suit walk in

Mr Damon, you’re early today?” 

Hannah was a bit surprised, but a faint smile appeared on her face a moment later

It seemed that Miss Chloe was indeed different from other women

HmmDamon responded indifferently, changed his shoes, and without taking off his suit jacket, he walked directly into the living room

A chilling wind blew past Hannah, making her smile look even better

There was no one in the living room, Damon’s gaze shifted slightly 


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