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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 26

Chapter 26 

Seeing Damon finally shifted his gaze to her, Hannah said

Take a rest, will you? Otherwise Alyssa’s going to worry about you.” 

Damon checked his wristwatch, there’s still some time before dinner


He nodded and headed upstairs

Watching him disappear at the stairs, Hannah smiled and turned to Alyssa’s room 

With his tie undone, Damon opened his room door like he always did 

He was not fond of anyone invading his personal space Even though he didn’t come here often, he sensed something different in the room 

His hand on the doorknob paused, his glance fell directly on the bed in the middle of the room

His deep eyes revealed a chill, his gaze fixed on the woman on the bed like a blade, then he slowly walked towards the bed

His footstep on the carpet was soundless

His indifferent face showed displeasure and harshness like his territory was invaded 

However, when he came to the bedside and looked at the sleeping person, his deep eyes flickered, the chill gradually dissipated

His eyes traced her delicate eyelashes, makeupfree face, her cherrylike lips. She looked very elegant and attractive

Then, his eyes couldn’t help but travel down

The bathrobe on her was his, maybe it was too big. It slipped off her shoulder in her sleep, revealing a large area of her fair skin, her delicate collarbone moving up and down with her breath 

Damon’s breath hitched, a trace of surprise flashed in his dark eyes

He thought he wouldn’t fall for a woman like this, but unexpectedly, he was so easily moved by her. He took off his suit and threw it on the couch, then unbuttoned his shirt and put it aside 

Then, his gaze fell on Chloe’s sleeping face again, his eyes were still indifferent, but he felt tenderness deep inside

Why bother caring so much? Being easily affected by her was not a bad thing 

Anyway, she was going to be his woman sooner or later 

He leaned over and sat on the bed, watching the sleeping woman 

and his slender fingers lightly touched her hair at her temples

Sleeping Chloe, vaguely smelled a strange scent, like freshly washed bedsheets, but mixed with a sense of elegance


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