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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 27

Chapter 27 

There was a captivating hand in front of her 

She could even feel the warmth of the hand against her cheek

She took a sharp breath in, tilting her head back

At the same time, she looked up, and her gaze met the man’s 

Her clear eyes were filled with caution and defense

Damon pulled his hand back, his face expressionless

You awake?” 

You Why are you here?Chloe asked

Damon didn’t answer, his smiling eyes gently landing on her chin

His gaze was polite, but Chloe could always see the hidden meaningful look in his eyes

She looked down, seeing her exposed shoulder and chest. A trace of shyness and panic surfaced on her beautiful face, and she quickly pulled up the cover, hiding herself. Then she sat up abruptly

She instinctively moved backward, lost support from behind, and fell back unexpectedly

At this moment, Chloe could only feel anger and helplessness

Again! Why did she always make a fool of herself in front of this man?! 

She watched a blurry white shadow rush towards her, immediately followed by a tightening around her waist, and she hit a strong and muscular chest

After a dizzy spell, she was pulled back onto the bed

At the same time, a tall figure was on top of her 

and a fresh scent enveloped her

Chloe felt her face burning, her heart pounding as if it was about to leap out of her chest

She clutched the man’s shirt tightly, in a state of panic 

Damon looked down at the woman under him, his eyes deepening 

The contact was the same as before. She didn’t just bump into him; the feeling was very unfamiliar

It was as if she bumped into her heart

The surging feeling made her feel curious

He was silent for a few seconds, watching the embarrassed and panicked expression on the woman’s face, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. You’re always this clumsy?Damon’s pleasant voice had a hint of teasing 

*I’ve never been like this before.” 

Chloe hurried to explain, and then looking at the man’s handsome face with a stronger smile, she felt even more embarrassed

It’s only like this in front of me?” Damon asked

The words were clear. Chloe turned her head, not saying anything

Damon lightly smiled, That’s the best.” 

Chloe’s face reddened a bit more


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