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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 28

Chapter 28 

Damon arched an eyebrow, I will make you fall in love with me sooner or later, and there’s nothing wrong with it right now.” 

Chloe wasn’t a hopeless romantic 

She was a realist, meeting more than her fair share of men over the years and well past the age of longing for love

Add to that Lance’s dating history, and to her, all men were cut from the same cloth

Mr Harper, how can you be so sure we’ll end up together?‘ 

Damon smirked at her slightly imitated face 

Why wouldn’t I be?” 

He paused for a bit, staring into her bright, sparkling eyes. He gently brushed aside her hair from her face, his slender fingers softly gliding across her cheek. His voice was low and seductive

Perhaps because you’re the only one who can match me.” 

Chloe was taken aback, Mr. Harper, no offense, but you’re too full of yourself.” 

He chuckled, his gaze fixated on her lovely red lips, radiantly captivating 

Damon Harper,he suddenly said


Chloe was stunned, not understanding what he meant

That’s my name. Or perhaps, you can simply call me Damon.” 

Chloe was left speechless, unsure of how to handle him

*Anyway, Mr. Harper” 

Before Chloe could finish her sentence, Damon’s slender fingers were already gently pinching her chin. Chloe paused, correcting herself

Anyway, Damon, do we really need to continue this conversation in this posture?” 

Damon smirked, propping himself up to stand on the floor, careful not to touch Chloe in the process

Chloe quickly wrapped herself with a bathrobe, covering her bare shoulders

Damon gave her time to adjust before turning to face her 

His earlier playfulness was gone, replaced by the same gentlemanly charm he had when they first met

I never force women, even if you’re the only one around. I like you, then I pursue you. Isn’t that the natural order of things?” 

Chloe’s anger dissipated upon hearing Damon’s words

In its place, there was an irresistible burst of laughter

So this dignified and perfect man had never been in a relationship… 

Even when pursuing someone, he only followed the most straightforward method 

Getting mad at him was just like shooting herself in the foot

Actually, you’re right but maybe the approach isn’t quite right” 


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