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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 29

Chapter 29 

Chloe was at a loss for words

Why did he choose her

He said that only she could match him

She wanted to reject his blatant pursuit,

ut he refused her rejection

All the decisions were in his control, and she felt too passive

Her pride deep down made her resist subconsciously,

ut facing Damon, she always felt powerless

She tidied her hair, took a deep breath, and then let it out heavily 

Why the sigh? Is something bothering you?” 

Chloe looked at him

He stood quietly in front of her, his expensive white shirt highlighting his handsome features, tall and straight 

She felt like he was deliberately controlling his posture in front of her

If she guessed right, this man’s heart was actually cold 

What are you thinking?Damon asked again, seeing Chloe looking at him without any scruples, and a hint of coldness flickered in the depths of his eyes. Chloe came to her senses, looked away, and her voice was a bit cold 

Nothing. I just feel that you’re too dominant, and I don’t want to be passive. Facing you, I always feel powerless.” 

Damon frowned and said lightly 

It’s you who turned yourself into a hedgehog. You’re guarded against everyone. You’re unwilling to come out, but you use your spikes to reject others Chloe looked at him in surprise

Everyone was advising her to come out

Damon kept looking at her, and after a while, his calm voice sounded again

You don’t have to do anything You can continue to be a hedgehog. I’m not afraid of gelling hurt” 

Chloe’s pupils contracted instantly 

After a while, Chloe came to her senses, holding the quilt tightly, looking a bit at a loss

I’ll go see if Alyssa is awake” 

With that, she was about to lift the quilt, but then remembered the robe she was wearing 

She looked at him, clearly implying something

Damon turned and left without lingering

Downstairs, hearing Hannah’s good news, Alyssa laughed happily 

She was in a good mood and ate the apple that Hannah handed over

I’m finally going to have a grandson. Oh, Chloe and Damon’s child will definitely be the best in the world‘ 

Hannah handed the old lady an apple and smiled. It might be a girl, Alyssa.” 

Then a daughter is also the best! My greatgranddaughter will definitely be the most beautiful” 


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