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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 30

Chapter 30 

Hannah’s face showed an awkward expression as she whispered softly into the old lady’s ear 

The old lady caught on and also seemed a bit embarrassed 

‘I I meant to ask, why haven’t you gone to rest yet? How come you’re already downstairs?” 

Damon pursed his thin lips, speaking as he walked 

My room’s been taken over, how am I supposed to rest?” 

The bed is big enough for two people the old lady blurted out without hesitation

The whole living room fell silent for a moment

At this point, Chloe came out after changing her clothes, just in time to hear Alyssa’s complaint, her pretty face showing a hint of embarrassment. *Alyssa ” 

Seeing the figure that appeared behind her young master, Hannah felt helpless

Alyssa always acted like a child in front of her two grandsons 

Alyssa regretted it and turned to look at Chloe upstairs

Her gloomy face instantly broke into a smile, waning at Chloe

Chloe, you’re awake, did you sleep well? Were you disturbed by Damon?” 

Chloe had used Damon’s bathroom, worn Damon’s bathrobe, and even slept in Damon’s bed

She now understood that this was all arranged by Alyssa on purpose, but faced with such a loving face, Chloe couldn’t possibly have too many dissatisfaction emotions

In fact, how could she have any dissatisfaction emotions towards this rare affection

She smiled slightly, nodded, and walked towards Alyssa

I slept very well, Grandma‘ 

That’s good.” 

Alyssa pulled Chloe to sit on the sofa, and 

Damon was right beside her

The collar of his white shirt was slightly open, but still neat without any wrinkles 

He was leaning against the side of the leather sofa, slightly lowering his head, not knowing what he was thinking about. A faint smile played on his lips, making him look lazy and exuding a unique aristocratic temperament 

He sat quietly throughout, seemingly just listening to her and the old lady chat 

It had to be said that his presence was extremely strong and Chloe couldn’t completely ignore him

At one point, Damon suddenly sat up straight, stretched out his long arm, and his fair, beautiful hand chose from the fruit plate on the coffee table

Finally, he picked up a big apple 

His hand was big, holding the apple with one hand, and the other hand picked up a fruit knife

Chloe couldn’t help but glance at him, only to see his back straight, focusing all his attention on his hands, carefully peeling the apple 

Chloe was a bit surprised, not expecting this man to peel apples himself 

Alyssa couldn’t help but look at Damon again, such behavior was rare in her eyes 

But she didn’t want to deal with him now, she had already sent Chloe to his bed, and he still didn’t take advantage of the opportunity 

So annoying

Alyssa frowned unhappily, glanced at him, then turned her head to hold Chloe’s hand and asked 


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