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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 31

Chapter 31 

Chloe was a bit surprised. She stared at the apple but didn’t reach out to take it

Damon shook his beautiful pale hand again and whispered, We’ve been chatting for so long aren’t you thirsty?” 

Alyssa raised her eyebrows slightly, picked up the teacup on the coffee table, took a sip, and said nothing

Chloe carefully took the apple, accidentally touching Damon’s fingertips and feeling a bit cold


She lowered her head took a bite of the apple, and the crisp chewing sound was quite pleasant

A glint flashed in Damon’s eyes, and he put the fruit knife on the coffee table, grabbed a couple of napkins, and began to carefully wipe his long, bony fingers

His movements were very precise, showing that he didn’t do this kind of thing often

Seeing Chloe start eating the apple, a smile appeared on Alyssa’s face. She looked at Damon, satisfied but also a bit envious 

She had never eaten an apple peeled by him in all these years 

and he was her own grandson

If only Chloe wasn’t here today


The apple was really sweet, so sweet that Chloe fell sweetness in her heart

Chloe, what does your friend’s company do?” 

The living room was very quiet. Alyssa picked up where Damon left off and asked again

They’re Spotlight Beauty, they’ve been building their own factory recently, they’re very busy.” 

I see 

Alyssa nodded

They chatted about some simple things, and as Chloe finished her apple, Hannah came over to remind them to have dinner

Having eaten such a big apple, Chloe had little appetite left. But they had been waiting for so long, and she had already promised to have dinner with the old lady, so she couldn’t refuse

Before sitting down, Damon pulled out a chair for her. She thanked him softly, sat down, and Damon pushed the chair in a bit Their cooperation was seamless, and the position was just right. Then Damon sat down beside Chloe

Alyssa sat across from them, looking satisfied

Hannah seemed to always be by the old lady’s side, even when eating, she stood by 

Though Chloe had already eaten something she still picked up her knife and fork and began to eat 

She didn’t slouch in her chair; her shoulders were straight, her back was upright, her chin slightly tucked, and her long lashes slightly lowered. She didn’t look down at the food on her plate, and even the way she chewed showed her excellent upbringing and manners 

Hannah secretly nodded and exchanged a glance with the old lady, her eyes full of satisfaction

After dinner, they rested for a while. It was getting dark, and Chloe could no longer stay, so she got up to say goodbye

Damon also stood up, and the waiter quickly brought his suit jacket

Til walk you out.” 


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