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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 32


Chapter 32 

The weather that day might not be considered great by most people 

The sky was gray and a thin layer of spring rain was falling 

The rain was like silk, so light and delicate that there was no sound of raindrops falling. It was more like a mist, covering the entire magnificent P City 

Chloe loved the rain for many reasons, but she couldn’t quite put it into words 

However, standing at the entrance of the hospital, she looked at the tall figure in the hazy rain, holding an umbrella in her hand, and her heart found another clear reason

The drizzle fell on the smooth car body, making the black car in the haze appear deep and noble 

Damon stood by the car, holding an umbrella, tall and handsome His facial features looked perfect and elegant in the distance 

The noble aura that naturally emanated from him gave people a cold and proud feeling, exuding a tremendous pressure 

Ms Summers, here’s an umbrella” 

Nate respectfully handed her the umbrella, and Chloe took it 

Holding the umbrella, she slowly walked into the misty rain

Damon was wearing an expensive handmade suit, impeccably ironed, and his deep eyes watched Chloe slowly approaching, a smile playing at the corner of his lips Chloe stopped in front of him, looking up at the tall man

You didn’t have to come I know you’re busy.” 

Nothing is more important than you” 

His deep voice slowly spread in the misty rain

Chloe’s eyes flickered slightly, then turned away 

Her hand gripping the umbrella tightened, unable to hide her inner confusion and embarrassment

Had he really never pursued a woman before? His words were so touching, sweet nothings came so easily to him

Damon noticed her embarrassment, and a rare smile appeared on his face

He stepped aside, opened the car door himself, looked at Chloe, and said. Get in.” 

Chloe didn’t refuse Since he had already come, it would be too pretentious to reject him

Nate took the umbrella from her hand, watching her bend down and get into the car Damon then got in from the other side 

Nate quickly closed the umbrella and got into the car, buckling his seatbelt 

Looking at the rearview mirror, he asked, Ms Summers, where do you want to go?” 

His boss had never allowed him to investigate Ms Summers, so besides rumors, he knew almost nothing about her. Jade Wave Mansion 


Nate responded, and the car immediately started moving 

The car became quiet, and Chloe had been staring out the window at the city wrapped in a curtain of rain since she got in

Do you like this city or the rain?” Damon asked looking at her sideways 

The rainMaybe thinking her answer was too simple, she added, This filthy city is hardly worth liking or lingering in.” 

Damon chuckled Isn’t that a bit too generalized?” 

Chise’s face tensed slightly, knowing her emotions were a bit out of control. Her dislike for the Summers family shouldn’t negate the entire city. She didn’t speak and Damon remained silent 

The car smoothly arrived downstairs at Chloe’s Jade Wave Mansion 


I that Damon had no intention of getting out of the car 


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