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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 12

Hannah came out of the interview room and rushed to hug Amy once they met.

“What’s the result? Did you pass the interview? Tell me!” Amy stared at Hannah and couldn’t wait to know the result.

“Not yet. The result hasn’t come out yet. I was so nervous that my legs went weak. Please support me for a while.” Hannah got sweaty palms due to anxiety. When she saw Richard entering the room, she went totally blank for one second.

“I’m better now. It’s your turn. Go ahead!” When Hannah calmed down, she asked Amy to get inside quickly.

Amy checked her appearance again then walked into the interview room confidently.

She greeted to the interviewers politely and realized that Richard was sitting beside them.

Holly shit! He worked for HD Group? He was an interviewer instead of an interviewee? And she even hit his car earlier! She was doomed today.

Amy felt anxious. How lucky those candidates interviewed before her! But she was so miserable to meet him just when it was her turn.

“So, are you Amy Miller?” A question came from a female interviewer and interrupted her thoughts.

“Yes, I am.” Amy nodded.

“All right. Your resume states that you can speak several languages very well, especially French and English. So please introduce yourself in French and English now.” she demanded Amy to start from her self-introduction.

Richard hadn’t looked at her since she came in. Amy hoped that he wouldn’t make things difficult for her. Anyway, she cleared her thoughts and decided to focus on the interview.

She introduced herself both in French and English fluently. Her oral language was greatly admired even by her teachers. Unsurprisingly, the interviewers showed satisfied looks and seemed impressed by her excellent oral French and English.


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