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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 13

That was an unfamiliar number. But she chose to pick up the call.

“Excuse me, Miss Miller. This is Robin speaking. Please come back right now. The driver is waiting outside to pick you up.” Before Amy spoke, Robin had already hanged up.

“What happened, Amy? You don’t look very well. Is it about your dad…?” Hannah noticed her worry and she suddenly recalled Amy’s father was still in hospital. Oh, did anything happen to him?

“No. My dad’s fine. Sorry, I gotta go now.” Amy left in a hurry without explaining to Hannah. She walked over to the car parking outside the building. The driver opened the door for her and she got in instantly.

Then the car drove away quickly.

Hannah witnessed all this, astonished with her mouth wide open. How came Amy got in such a luxury car and even a driver opened the door for her? She could not believe what she saw, rubbing her eyes in bewilderment.

Amy saw Robin waiting outside of the entrance when she arrived at the villa. Robin rushed up to open the door for Amy.

“Miss Miller. Please follow me.” Robin guided Amy to the living room.

“Mr. Robin, I just hurried back. Is there anything urgent?” Amy asked.

“You could call me Robin, Miss Miller. I have something for you. Please sign this. Then we can get the marriage certificate done this afternoon.” Robin handed an application form to Amy as he said.

‘Isn’t it too fast? I just came to the villa. And now I am about to marry him right away?’ Amy felt quite uncomfortable with this.

“Miss Miller, you have signed the contract already. These are just the procedures. By the way, the earlier you get married, the earlier you can be free after two years.” Robin explained to her patiently.

That was right. How came she had never thought of this? Amy glanced at Robin gratefully.


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