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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 14

Amy felt hurt when she heard what Robin said, but she quickly adjusted herself.

‘It is good that I can’t see the marriage license. If I have feelings for him in these two years while he doesn't fall in love with me, that will be too embarrassing. So I’d better not see the certificate. We just need to have sex every day, and I can still do whatever I love in other time.’

“Robin, I need to go out tomorrow.” Amy said to Robin.

“No problem. You can go anywhere you want, Madam. But since our location is a little distant from the downtown area. It will be difficult to take a taxi or take a bus. I will arrange a driver for you. Here is my phone number. When you want to go home, call me and I will ask the driver to pick you up.” Robin arranged everything very well, too well for Amy to pick a fight.

When Amy turned around and was ready to leave, Robin called her from behind, “Madam, how is your interview going today? Did you get the offer?”

“Alas, I guess that I can’t get the job. So, I will continue looking for a new job tomorrow.” She saw Richard shaking his head anyway. There was no chance for her to get that job!

“It’s fine. You can take you time, Madam. We can totally support your life.” Robin didn’t understand. Why did she still want to work since she already got a rich husband?

“Thanks, Robin. I shall go back to my room now. You can call me if necessary.” then, she went upstairs. She was in a very bad mood today.

She didn’t think she could get the job. She was so unlucky to meet Richard there. After all, she really wanted to work in HD Group. But Richard seemed to be a manager and if he didn’t like her, it was impossible for her to get the job.

What was worse, she got divorced! Well, since Matt was totally a jerk, she decided to just let him go and move on. But then she got remarried! She didn’t even know who he was and what he looked like. Oh gosh, she was wondering if she really made the right decision. Like other girls, she always dreamed to have a grand wedding and married her beloved one in a beautiful wedding gown. But now, it was just a dream.

Before she knew it, she fell asleep and was woken up by an urgent call. Well, she didn’t want to pick it up, but the phone kept ringing like hell. She had no choice and answered the phone reluctantly.

She took a look and it was an unknown number. A gentle voice was speaking from the phone.

“Hello. Is that Miss Miller?”

“Yes, it’s me. Can I help you?” Hearing such a pleasant voice, Amy was less angry.


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